That impulse got me here today, but not only that… also the will of God…

Before, I used to mistrust, to think less of my own. Last year, my wife took a training session on Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our baby girl was six months old at that time, so I went to take care of her. Since I was still considering the possibilities of a Ph.D., I checked for info about it in the University of New Mexico‘s Computer Science website and sent an email but got no answer. I made a phone call and the very kind attendant got me two interviews with the professors! I took my baby and talked to them, it was a great experience. After I left, something had changed in me. I thought that perhaps I could do it, that I belonged. But then again, doubts came to me and I kind of forgot about it, burying my interest under the pile of considerations.

I was talking about God. His will was expressed to me in a strange way: Last year I was checking exams or homework, I can’t remember. It was I think the end of october. I found myself with such a peace and dedication that I said to myself “I really like this. I would like to do this for the rest of my life.” Two days later, my coordinator (a good friend who had listened to me talk about going to a Ph.D. for years) sent me the guidelines for a state government scholarship for UTEP. I told my wife: “This is a sign of God” and I started to prepare my application for both the University and the scholarship.

As I said, that was the end of October. The scholarship requisites indicated that I needed to show the standardized exams scores, GRE and TOEFL. For years I had gathered TOEFL and GRE books to be prepared. Having some experience with TOEFL tests, I focused on the GRE. I gathered all other requisites and called the CS department on November 20th. I remember the date because it is Mexico’s Revolution holiday and I was at home.

Prof. Olac Fuentes gave me good hopes and recommended me to get the best GRE score I could for admission sake. I doubled my efforts to study for the exam, which I programmed for December 13th in El Paso. That night I slept about 3 hours since our baby was not feeling very well. I completed the exam and did so so. The TOEFL, on Dec. 20th went a lot better. I delivered my application papers on December 26th.

And now, after a little over two months, I’ve got the results. I got the scholarship and have been admitted. Now I must continue looking for scholarships and apply for them.

About miguelroyo

Catholic, computer science PhD student, computer science college teacher and former Windows sysadmin. Sports fan, amateur writer, book/movie/music lover. My favorite job is father to my beautiful children and husband to my beloved wife.
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