After such introduction, I wish to continue explaining…

…the purpose of this blog. As I said before, I want it to be my diary, the record of this journey I’m about to begin. I won’t compromise to regular posting, but I want to post when an experience is significant: either a worthy experience, an interesting lecture, a challenging project, a research material, etc. I hope to post when something happens, and I hope I have the time and brain power to do so. As you know I am mexican and you may wonder why don’t I write in spanish? Simple reason: I will study in a english speaking country and program. And even though I work for an american company and practice my english through the work day, I need to start polishing my language abilities.


Just a brief post today. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


About miguelroyo

Catholic, computer science PhD student, computer science college teacher and former Windows sysadmin. Sports fan, amateur writer, book/movie/music lover. My favorite job is father to my beautiful children and husband to my beloved wife.
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