2015 UTEP Interdisciplinary Research Symposium

Just a very quick post because I must keep working on an assignment.

Yesterday I attended (briefly) the 2015 UTEP Interdisciplinary Research Symposium poster session. Since one of my main study objectives is interdisciplinar research and because one of my friends/coworkers presented a poster, it was a good opportunity to see what is being done here at my university.

The posters that strike me most were:

1. Stanley Mubako’s study about freshwater withdrawal and its economic impact, which required a lot of data integration from Excel, GIS, etc. We, the iLink guys, will certainly be helping him in some future project.

2. Alberto Esquinca’s narrative analysis of Latina’s resilence in CS and Engineering tries to find how to better support women studying (and having a hard time) in STEM programs.

3. Since my advisor is working in this project, I am feeling very inclined to collaborate on Kelvin Cheu’s proposal concerning smart cities.

4. Sergio Tarin is proposing an analysis of what is ethics.

5. Finally, my friend Luis Garnica presented his latest contributions to the ELSeWeb project, one of the crown jewels of the lab I work in. If you ask me, it was the most elegant poster of the session.

Sadly, I could not attend to any of the events programmed for today. I specially regret the “Interdisciplinarity 101” panel with Deana Pennington, Ph.D.

I am glad to have written these few lines. Hopefully I will have a new post soon. I hope you are having a great semester.


2015 UTEP IDR Symposium

2015 UTEP IDR Symposium

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