My Fulbright story, Chapters 0 and 1

fulbright_logo Comexus1My first contact with the Fulbright program was years ago when a dear friend received the honor to study his Masters in Chemistry at Yale. When I started planning for my PhD and was looking around for scholarships, I sincerely did not thought I would stand a chance for it, but luckily something inside me was in a mood for going for whatever it may and I gathered the required documentation (I already had most of it because it is almost the same as the one for an admission request), wrote the essays and applied for the Fulbright – García Robles scholaship, which is funded both by the United States Department of State and our mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs.

After some time passed, I was required to turn in more documents, take a couple of Internet-based tests, and finally have an interview with an evaluation panel, in english. Unexpectedly, but thankfully, I got an email telling me I had been granted the scholarship. I still can’t believe it. I guess the lesson in this was to try with all your heart and hope for the best.

I sadly was not able to meet with the rest of my Fulbright-García Robles generation in an event in Mexico City due to work commitments, but I was fortunate to have met two of my generation peers later.



About miguelroyo

Catholic, computer science PhD student, computer science college teacher and former Windows sysadmin. Sports fan, amateur writer, book/movie/music lover. My favorite job is father to my beautiful children and husband to my beloved wife.
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