No NaNoWriMo 2015 for me… Instead, AcWriMo 2015.

Three years ago I embarked myself in an adventure called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which calls anyone who wishes to try to write a novel or 50,000 words of a novel during the month of November. I had heard about the project years before, but finally managed to join for 2012… and I was sucessful. To forced myself to write a little over 1500 words average a day, while working 2 jobs and just having married was a great experience. The final product needed (and still needs) a big editing effort, but at least the main part of it is already done. Now that I think back, I have the feeling that having such a focus somewhat relates this effort and commitment to my PhD endeavors.

After that, I was not being able to do it again (2013) due to the preparation for my PhD application, and these two years (2014, 2015) because of the PhD itself. But now, I found that there is a similar effort in academia: The AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month). So, since I have some impending projects which require some writing, and have some pending research to write, I will be doing the AcWriMo. Since one of the requisites is to publically make a commitment, here it goes:


I have 4 upcoming projects for my courses:

* Implement a complex algorithm.
* Perform a survey relating my own research field with Computer Architecture.
* Develop a bussiness plan for a cell phone app powered by IBM Watson.
* Write a report for a graph database implementation which georeferences geological characteristics.

Therefore, my minimal objective is, of course, to produce the final reports for each of these activities.

Also, I think that I will be able to produce publishable research (for the very least, posters) from:

* The IBM Watson app.
* The graph database implementation.

And I also have two pending research efforts, which I want to fulfil:

* Complete a brief survey about how to translate data base constraints in an ontology (brief paper).

* Produce a poster about an interdisciplinary field trip I attended (poster).

These four I will work during december and january (Seasons Greetings), once the classes are over.

So, there it is. I will be posting about my advances during upcoming novembre. I better start reading and developing as much as I can in these three more days!

About miguelroyo

Catholic, computer science PhD student, computer science college teacher and former Windows sysadmin. Sports fan, amateur writer, book/movie/music lover. My favorite job is father to my beautiful children and husband to my beloved wife.
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